Why Hillary Clinton is Wrong About NATO

March 25, 2016—Jacob Hornberger, president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, isn’t taking Hillary Clinton’s investment advice.

Nato_meeting_2011-03-10-350x196.jpgA couple of days ago in her speech on foreign policy out on the west coast, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called NATO a ‘great investment.’ An investment? I mean, when the national security state is spending untold amounts of money on international alliances like NATO and they’re called an investment, when they’re actually sending the government’s national debt through the ceiling, no wonder this government is sending the nation into bankruptcy.

But let’s keep in mind why NATO was established. It was established to ostensibly protect Europe from America’s World War II partner and ally, the Soviet Union. Well, when the Cold War ended, wouldn’t you have expected then that NATO would be dismantled? Not so, even though they led the Russians to believe that’s exactly what would happen as soon as the Russians dismantled the Warsaw Pact.

But that would not lead to crises. Instead, what they started doing was gobbling up all the Warsaw Pact countries, going all the way up to Ukraine, which is on Russia’s borders, and not surprisingly, provoke another big crisis, and now they’re saying, ‘well that means the Cold War never ended.’

I’m sure they’re to revive up the old communist deal, so now they have two official enemies. The terrorists, which they themselves have produced with their antics in the Middle East, and now the Russians who are going to be coming to get us just like they were during the Cold War. Our founding fathers were right, these interventionists are wrong. No entangling alliances, no dying for Montenegro. Let’s bring all the troops home, let’s dismantle the American military empire, let’s restore a constitutional republic to our land. Let’s return to founding principles and establish a free and prosperous society here at home.

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