Trump NATO? Here is What Donald Trump Gets Right…

March 30, 2016—Jacob Hornberger, president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, lays out why NATO is an illegitimate endeavor that’s counterproductive to security and peace.

trump_nato-350x196.jpgWell, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has done it again. He has thrown the liberal-conservative establishment into an absolute tizzy — this time by suggesting that NATO is an illegitimate organization. Both The New York Times and Wall Street Journal published editorials castigating this outrageous suggestion, but Trump is right.

NATO was brought into existence at the end of World War II to wage a cold war against America’s World War II partner and ally, the Soviet Union, and it should have gone out of existence when the Cold War ended. One of the papers said that it’s a contributor to the stability of Europe. Really? What stability? Greece is bankrupt, you got economic malaise across Europe, terrorist attacks in France and Belgium, and a massive refugee crisis as a result of the US death machine and regime change operations in the Middle East.

Trump is only partially right – oh! – they also say that it’s necessary to protect us from the new Cold War enemy, Russia. But it was NATO that promised to go out of existence at the end of the Cold War, broke that promise, and instead started gobbling up new Warsaw Pact members, moving troops as close to Russia’s borders as they possibly could, which thereby provoked the crisis, not surprisingly, in Ukraine.

Trump is only partially right. It’s time to just get out of NATO and let it fall apart without having US taxpayer money, which of course is another factor, that they’re bankrupting the US government with out of control spending and debt. It’s time to restore a constitutional republic to our land. Bring all the troops home, dismantle the entire Cold War national security establishment and restore a constitutional republic to America.

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