‘Gun Violence’ Has a Root Cause Hillary Clinton Refuses to Address

March 31, 2016—Jacob Hornberger, president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, knows that when politicians complain about “gun violence,” they are scapegoating the root causes of violence they ignore or approve.

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Gun_violence5-350x196.jpgDemocratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was talking to an audience of African-Americans and expressing her concern about gun violence in America. Well, we all know what that means: gun seizures. What Clinton failed to mention was her fierce advocacy of the War on Drugs, which is the root cause of much of the gun violence.

This is a catastrophic war. It has manifested itself with corruption and highway stealing by cops, violence in Latin America, just death and destruction, and yet you never know this by watching the presidential race, because they never bring it up. They never discuss it, and the mainstream media never challenges them to discuss it, but if you Google ‘drug legalization’ and ‘end the War on Drugs,’ there’s people from all walks of life that are now discussing ending this failed, evil, and immoral, destructive government program.

Another factor in the violence is, in my opinion, the US death machine in the Middle East, which has now been killing people continuously on a daily basis for some 25 years. The attitude has been that as long as the mainstream media puts a bubble over American society and doesn’t publish pictures and photographs of the dead, that Americans can be immune from all the violence. I don’t think so.

I think that when the death machine is killing people constantly in large numbers, that culture of violence is ultimately going to seep itself into the psyche and subconsciousness of the American people and then manifest itself in bizarre acts of gun violence.

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating. If Americans want a peaceful, free, and prosperous society, the best way to do it is, one, end the War on Drugs and, two, bring all the soldiers home and discharge them.

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