‘Statism’: From the An-Cap Band You Need to Hear to Believe

April 5, 2016—Anarcho-capitalism, for some the zenith of libertarian philosophy, has found a new voice in Eric July, lead vocalist for the street hop/metal band Backwordz. Today the group teased an upcoming release titled “Statism.”

The suspense is palpable. But don’t wait any longer to hear these guys in action. Eric July has a track you have to hear to believe, and it genuinely needs to be heard as much as its message needs to be believed.

Check out the Ancap Rap video below, which after dissecting the political mess we are living with, provides some humble and valuable advice on how to reach the stateless society.

“Me personally, I ain’t going to sit and get in that childish argument. I don’t care how you do it. There’s a place for everything. Whatever your lane is, educate people, you do it, you can participate in the political process and support people like Ron Paul, or you just say no. It don’t matter to me, I got love for ya. And Backwordz, we got a lot coming on the way, it’s going to be a big year.”

Below are the lyrics as posted with the YouTube video:

For starters guys I’d, like to apologize/ Kuz I ain’t been too timely with this rhyming, yet to your surprise/
I’m back with AnCap Rap part 2, and otherwiiiise I’d still highly advise you still undermine these other guys/
It’s Just a minor hiccup but/ the current election got you up in arms like you on the wrong end of a stick up/
Yes these cats suck, but it’s the baby have made when you get screwed by politicians and you just bend over and take it/

Face it. Every election Y’all just tend to side with tyrants/ blind who find creative ways to pack initiating violence/
And all the sides argue but it’s circular; a lockdown/ Not understanding neither of them have the moral high ground/
And by now you’d.. think you understand the notion or just know that you the puppet, they just play on your emotion/
If you focused I’d supposed that you would see right, through the vocals and see he might be a joker, and you should stop being hopeful of a politician/

On a silent mission, the side effect is you get nothing out of it but false promises/
The nature of politics, and its beyond obvious but you dumb and follow it, and it’s you funding all of it/

A democrat can’t tax you into prosperity, understand what I’m meaning when: Stop Listening to Keynesians/
Kuz Robert Reich’s and idiot. And Paul Krugman’s oblivious. There only job is to, make government seem legitimate/
Economic illiterates, who think they can stimulate economies by throwing trash on the ground, how does that sound?
Needs an Austrian smack down, kuz I don’t trust your thesis should be reading less Keynes and a lot mo Mises/
These fools will tax you til you ain’t got nothin’ left/ My bad, I almost forgot to say that Taxation is Theft/
And to the left that’s just such a hard thing to accept/ So I’ll say it one more time: Taxation is Theft/
not the price of civilization it’s nothing but extortion/ you work hard for every dime and yet the state demands a portion/
if you don’t give em the money they send goons to come enforce it/ And they’ll lock you In a cage if you so choose not to endorse it/ it’s a racket

and it’s backed by physical force if you choose to resist the dudes in armor/ I.E Eric Garner
And screw your social contract, Jack. I tell you what, go grab a copy of that, I’d glady wipe it on my buttcrack/
Kuz that’s how much it means to me, it seems to be, that you fools not believing me, or seeing what you achieving is thievery
You a fraud humanitarian, a blatant faker, who uses the poor as an excuse to rob his neighbor
You a hater. Who too lazy to raise it on his own/ and too much of a coward to rob other people’s homes/
So he beg the government to do it…. and he so foolish thinking that raising the minimum wage would be a net gain
Kuz it’s an artificial price on labor, you still last on the income bracket so your buying power is that and/

It’s like a form of inflation speaking of that biz, the federal reserve robbing youono what it is, got the..
Bogus inflation rates, a dollar went a long.. way… and now it won’t even buy you a stick of gum/
For what it’s worth.. y’all crying bout rich people as the state and its monopoly money let rich get it first/
and the banks, you’d thank that you would try to research.. but yet you vote for state expansion so you gotta be derp/
You try silence em, but your mind’s gone need to find one/ crying bout corporations you can’t even define one/
You don’t jack yet you continue to splurt words that’s why you Bernie Sanders supporters get on my durn nerves/
The next fool ask me who gone build the roads, gone make me violate the nap… so would you please shut your trap/
Humans can make a dang smart phone but now They can’t figure out how to put cement on the ground/
To get to and fro, I hope you know that that ain’t even logical/Your thinking has warped backwards and I hoping that you gotta know/ it’s inconsistent as well … by your logic how can they govern millions if you insist that they can’t govern themselves/
But anyway, yea Donald Trump sucks but I get a kick out of the hoss steady pissing y’all off, it’s true..
He’s an authoritarian a little annoying but he and Bernie are on different sides of the same coin
So if you scared of one you gotta be scared of the other… to me they seem to be brothers, I don’t but nothing above em/
I just sit back and look at the facts and it seems to look and sound .. is that the only thing burning is Bernie’s campaign to the ground..

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