Ron Paul: Pay Attention to the Dutch Referendum


April 7, 2016—For his latest Liberty Report segment, Dr. Ron Paul sat with Daniel McAdams to talk about the latest referendum to take place in the Netherlands, and how the Dutch voted to reject the so-called free trade deal crafted by the European Union that would have brought Netherlands and Ukraine closer together.

The sentiment among the Dutch, ABC reports, was clear: the Dutch are overwhelmingly against the deal. To many, this vote was the “beginning of the end of the [European Union].”

Dr. Ron Paul seems to agree with the overall sentiment, despite the pessimism.

He opened the segment with the following:

“Yesterday there was a referendum vote, the Dutch had a vote dealing with the Ukraine and whether or not the Netherlands should have a close association with Ukraine. They needed 300,000 signatures for this referendum. I guess when they were permitted to do this, they figured nobody would ever get 300,000 [people to come out to vote], [the turnout] means that the Dutch people wanted to speak out on this.

What they are speaking out on is whether the European Union treaty that [had been] proposed is in the benefit of the Dutch. And the vote was pretty surprising for a lot of people, made a lot of news even though it didn’t crack the news cycle here because the only thing that is worth talking about in this country is which person is going to be the next president, and sometimes, I put that lower down in the ladder because I don’t have a whole lot of hope much will change. But this, this is an important issue.

I glanced at TV stations to see if they reported it, I didn’t happen to see anything on that but of course, the Internet will have this.

So, the vote came up yesterday, it wasn’t a huge turnout, it was 30 or so percent that turned out, but they had to get over a certain level because if they hadn’t gotten over this 30 percent [bracket], it [wouldn’t have been] an authentic referendum. They met the threshold, but the big surprise was [that] over 60 percent, I think it was 61 percent of the people that voted, [who were] motivated to come out, said: No way, we don’t want to have this deal with Ukraine.

What I find interesting is that we talked about Ukraine a couple of years ago, and a lot since, but the big deal two years ago was the fact that there was an argument about the same subject with the Ukrainian people. And they had an elected leader, Viktor Yanukovych, and he leaned East. But the United States didn’t like that. The United States was supporting somebody else, Petro Poroshenko. So there was some orchestration, and then there was an overthrow, and I think it’s legitimately called a coup, and all of a sudden Yanukovych had to leave. And that had to do with which way Ukrainians [would] go. East or West? With NATO and the EU or have a closer friendship with the Russians. I don’t know why you can’t have a choice saying: Why don’t we be friends with everybody? … Now, the European Union is fragile but they had this vote and they made the markets a little bit nervous, so I think it’s a big deal because it’s related to migration, it’s related to our foreign policy, … do you think that this could be … the end or the middle or the beginning of the end of the European Union?”

Watch the whole Ron Paul Liberty Report segment here:

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