Why Cruz Can Steal Colorado: The Staging of the 2016 Election

April 12, 2016—Many who are wondering why Cruz can steal Colorado are starting to witness the staging of the 2016 presidential election. A simple analysis of the candidates and their potentials for corruption can outline how events will unfold until the votes have been tallied.

Fall_colors_near_Ridgway_Colorado-350x196.jpgWhy was Ted given Colorado? He has inseparable connections with the Bush administrations and the think tank the Council on Foreign Relations, which covertly steers US policies with several other convenes, through his wife Heidi. She has strong ties to New York’s J. P. Morgan and served in the White House during the Bush years.

His flip-flopping and strictly Christian persuasions have made his following more cult-like than mainstream and have prevented him from legitimately surpassing Donald Trump. His popularity rooted from emulating the liberty movement, but it’s been evident too many times that he is now the establishment’s Republican candidate and his prior flirtations with quintessential Americans who love freedom were simply done to gain a base.

Trump is not a career politician. What happened in Colorado is what happens in the US when a non-career politician gets this far against the establishment candidates, who are career politicians for the worst of the worst, enslaving our economy and our rights.

Just because Trump is not a career politician doesn’t mean he is mandatorily angelic, but it does challenge the power monopoly of the state in a climate wherein that is not yet happening on a functional scale. Viewers of mainstream media are constantly reminded of how racist he is and how he wants to build a wall to enforce legal immigration because he hates brown people. Letting the powers that control the career politicians renew their political strongholds, however, is a force of corruption taller than any possible physical boundary on our southern border.

Behind the scenes, the Obama administration is largely based upon remnants of the Clinton administration. Her popularity with the general public isn’t sufficient to make her presidency look legitimate, like the American people had anything to do with her being appointed the next American dictator, so special measures are necessary in order to craft the illusion. A compromise between Hillary and Barack could create a virtual extension of both parties.

Bernie Sanders doesn’t have a chance of winning the presidential election, because the Clinton crime syndicate already controls the electoral vote. From day one, it’s been obvious that’s been true. Why then has Bernie’s platform grown so large and why have most Democrats caught Bernie’s fever? For now, it distracts from the fact that the popular vote is irrelevant because of the corrupted electoral vote.

But when Bernie’s rug is pulled out from under most of the Democrats, they will have been so embroiled and grossly misinformed about who America’s biggest enemies are by his campaign that it will seem inconsequential that Hillary has a known, long rap sheet and is even currently being investigated by the FBI for her emails.

The Bernie crowd has been fit into the Obama administration’s template of making constituents more concerned about race and gender than crimes of career politicians or the hazardous realities of current affairs. Even if Trump can manage to pass through all of the corruption within the media, the government, the nature of how society has been structured and Cruz, Bernie’s followers will be deployed closer to the election to make it appear as if the American people didn’t actually prefer Trump, even if he truly sweeps the popular vote. What the anti-Trump crowd doesn’t realize is that fighting Trump is fighting the little but popular guy in the ring, not the big bullies who are actively calling the shots and, through multiple means, enslaving everyone else.

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