Ron Paul: Private Property is a Civil Liberty

April 22, 2016—For his latest Myth Busters segment, Dr. Ron Paul talks about the “bathroom bullies,” among other issues.

On a Washington D.C. government website, visitors are urged to alert the capital’s government whenever they see that a restaurant or business with “a single-stall public bathroom.” The website adds that, once they are alerted, they will “notify the business owner or manager to make sure that [the bathroom] is changed.”

For his latest video segment, Ron Paul discusses that government-sponsored warning.

Here’s part of what he had to say:

“If you throw common sense out the window, and simple morality, then I guess you can come up with anything! Now, [government dictating private businesses’ restroom policies] is absolutely ridiculous.

If you’re a federal official, you should say, ‘well, I wonder where this is in the Constitution. Oh yeah, I’ll read Article 1, Section 8 and see if it has something there about gender neutrality and what does gender neutrality mean?’

I spent a lot of time in medicine. I happen to have studied and practiced gynecology, and you know, I had trouble finding this gender neutrality.

It all boils down to … The myth is that property ownership is not a civil liberty. And this came out from the law that was passed in 1964, which has bit me a bit, because, even though I wasn’t anywhere close to voting for that, I agreed with those who opposed it because they said [the law] would undermine private property. And that’s exactly what it did. It did some other good things like getting rid of government-mandated discrimination, Jim Crow laws, and these sorts of things, but then to say that private property was not a protection, they sort of put the nail in the coffin of dividing up social, personal liberties with economic liberties [and established] that there was no such thing as private property.

But when it comes to bathrooms, does anybody say to us: ‘You have a bathroom in your house and I’m out here, I need a bathroom, so I want to come in’ and you have to oblige and have that person come in, and gender neutrality is important, and how this person presents themselves [too]? No! Nobody would think that would be possible!

But when it comes to a public ownership of anything else, there’s no such thing as private property. It’s publicly owned. It’s dealt by the public and somebody else will decide what liberty means.

And liberty to many people under these circumstances means that they can do anything they want. So they come up with these arbitrary problems and discriminations, they say: We are going to discriminate against the large majority and say that a certain man can go to a bathroom with little girls. It just makes no sense. … All they have to do [instead] is recognize the fact that private property is a civil liberty and the [owner] of the bathroom ought to be able to determine, just like he’s able to determine who uses the bathroom in his own house, but this is where liberals and do-gooders and socialists say: Oh no, property is the property of the common good. But they want to define the common good and the common use and what the rules are. … They really are rejecting freedom of choice. (emphasis added)”

Watch the video below for more on the bathroom issue, the UN, America’s insolvency, Palestine, and the Social Contract myth:

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