Where Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Agree

April 26, 2016—Jacob Hornberger, president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, breaks down where Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump agree, which is often more substantive than where they disagree.

maxresdefault1As everyone knows, the two candidates who are likely to be the presidential nominees are Hillary Clinton, who orients in a socialist direction, and Donald Trump, who orients in the direction of the principles of economic fascism.

Clinton will be arguing that the primary function of the federal government should continue to be to take money from those to whom it belongs in order to give it to those who supposedly need it more. And Trump, for his part, will be arguing that the government should be ordering and directing people what to do with their own money, with him of course being the director in chief.

Now, that’s not to say there’s not overlap. Of course there is. They both are firmly committed to preserving Social Security, the crown jewel of the welfare state, an idea that originated within German socialists at the turn of the 19th and into the 20th century. And then there’s Medicare and Medicaid and farm subsidies and education grants and foreign aid to dictators that they all believe in, and then of course the fascist  programs like the government-business partnerships and the crony capitalism that we’re all aware of.

The big losers in all of this, of course, will continue to be the American people, many of whom will scratch their heads in befuddlement over why they’re suffering such deep economic woes, unable to recognize that it’s the welfare-warfare state way of life, including the socialism and fascism that is at the root of their problems.

But there’s a lot of discontent, and that’s on the positive side, because when people are discontented, sometimes they start to think, and when people are thinking, that means that we have a chance, as libertarians, to see the triumph of our philosophy and the restoration of a peaceful, prosperous, and harmonious society.

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