The Content of Hillary Clinton’s Secret Wall Street Speeches

April 29, 2016—Jacob Hornberger, president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, has a theory as to why Hillary Clinton will never release transcripts of her lucrative speeches to Wall Street firms, but it isn’t because she is hiding some high-value secret.

I’m gonna miss Bernie Sanders’s campaign for one reason. He’s not going to be around to skewer Hillary Clinton about releasing the contents of that infamous speech, where she got paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by Wall Street firms to impart special knowledge, invaluable knowledge to the firms.

HillaryLaughingWell, here’s an idea. Why doesn’t Bernie take some of his campaign funds here in the waining days of the campaign and offer her the same amount of money that she got paid by those Wall Street firms? She said she did it for the money. She said the Wall Street firms wanted to pay this enormous large sum of money to get this valuable nugget of information from her. Why wouldn’t she do it again?

And it’s gotta be special, right? The information, because if it was the same thing she’s been saying on the campaign trail, you know, like which country she’s going to bomb, which target for regime change, what socialist project she’s going to bring to America. I mean, she would just say that. She’d say, ‘here’s the speech, it’s the same thing I’ve been telling y’all.’

So, the speech though, she keeps secret, she absolutely refuses to disclose it to the American people, so it’s gotta be invaluable, right? I don’t think so. And there’s not a snowball’s chance she would ever accept Bernie Sanders’s offer of hundreds of thousands of dollars, because then she knows that the American people would realize that that speech and the contents of that speech was not only not worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, it wasn’t worth the paper the speech was written on.

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