What Revolution? Bernie Supporters Fall For ‘Humdrum’ Politician

Bernie Sanders

May 3, 2016—Jacob Hornberger, president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, says if you want a revolution, and you talk about Bernie Sanders, you can count him out.

Well, today’s the Indiana primary, and it looks like Donald Trump is going to get ever-closer to the Republican nomination for president. Hillary Clinton, for all practical purposes, has it locked up at her end, but I’m kind of intrigued as to what Bernie Sanders is doing as part of his big revolution.

The Hill Bernie s supporter steals the show inh IndianaHe’s approaching the superdelegates in the Democratic Party and trying to get them to switch their votes. Some revolution! These are the establishment delegates who are appointed, not elected, precisely to guarantee that an establishment candidate like Hillary Clinton will be the one that gets the nomination.

I’ve also wondered where is this much vaunted revolution that Bernie supporters talk about. He was going to expand socialism on a domestic basis. I mean, we’ve had socialism in this country since 1930s, and a revolution is an overthrow of the existing way of thinking. He was going to expand the socialism.

Where his revolution could have happened is in foreign policy. He could’ve attacked the empire, the national security establishment. He did in the 1970s when he called for an end to the CIA, but this time, when they asked him, ‘well, do you still favor the end of the CIA?’ he ran scared and he said, ‘No, no, I’ve changed my mind. Now we need it.’

He could’ve attacked foreign interventionism. He could’ve said, ‘Bring all the troops home’ like he did during the Vietnam War. He did none of that. He became a mainstream interventionist, and his campaign devolved down to one that, ‘I’d be a better interventionist than Hillary Clinton would.’ Some revolution, Bernie. Turned out that your campaign was just another humdrum presidential campaign.

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