Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton: The Libertarian Angle

May 6, 2016—On this episode of The Libertarian Angle, Jacob Hornberger and Richard Ebeling of the Future of Freedom Foundation, weigh the good and the bad aspects of the upcoming Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump presidential election.

“I’m less persuaded, perhaps, than you that he’s actually offering a foreign policy that will be in some grand strategy or philosophic sense much different than the Democrats,” Ebeling said. “All he’s calling for is a foreign policy that is run on a more business-like basis. Everybody in the partnership pays part of the expense, and each partner decides what part of the deal is really in their interest before they get excessively involved in various financial and military ways. That is not, in its essence, a non-interventionist foreign policy from the libertarian or classical liberal view.”

“I agree with you on the prospects of who can win. Who knows?” Hornberger said. “But the media is showing the map of the United States and showing all the states that Hillary supposedly has locked up compared to his states, and they’re saying that he has this huge uphill battle. But I agree with you Richard, he has this uncanny ability to touch chords within people and their ugly chords, the immigrant-type thing, the anti-immigrant sentiment that exists in a lot of Americans and the anti-Chinese sentiment that they’re stealing our jobs and so forth.”

Do libertarians have a chance to reach a wider audience in 2016? Comment below!

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