13-Year-Old Shot & Injured by Baltimore Police Had Toy Gun

Baltimore police April 28, 2016—On April 27, a 13-year-old boy from Baltimore was shot by police officers. The child had been holding a toy gun at the time of the incident. While the gun wounds he sustained weren’t fatal, this case is reminiscent of the incident involving Tamir Rice, the 12-year-old who was killed after being gunned down by police. At the time, Rice was also holding a toy gun.

According to the Baltimore police, the 13-year-old child ran away from the officers when confronted.

After CBS Baltimore broke the news, people on Twitter associated the incident with Tamir Rice’s killing, often questioning the police’s initial justification for the shooting.

The Baltimore Police held a press conference to discuss the incident, claiming that it all started when the detectives involved in the shooting saw a young man with “what looked like a firearm” in hands. According to the official, they approached the child and identified themselves as police officers, prompting the child to run away with the gun in hands. After a chase of about 150 yards, the child dropped the toy gun, and one of the officers  shot at him.

The official repeated that the gun shots weren’t fatal.


Do you believe the police should have shot the 13-year-old? Share your thoughts with us.

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