Gary Johnson: Marijuana Legalization Could End Substance Abuse

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May 10, 2016—During an interview on CNN’s “New Day,” former New Mexico governor and presidential hopeful Gary Johnson argued that once marijuana is fully legalized, substance abuse won’t be as common.

“I took the position, I took business-wise to make the world a better place,” he explained. “On the medicinal side, marijuana products directly compete with legal prescription drugs that statistically kill 100,000 people a year, and on the recreational side, I have always maintained that legalizing marijuana will lead to less overall substance abuse.”

Currently, Johnson continued, there is a “total disconnect between elected politicians and the public” when it comes to the marijuana debate.

“Sixty percent of Americans now want to legalize marijuana, … But the campaign to legalize marijuana in Colorado was a campaign based on marijuana is safer than alcohol, and it is. It’s safer than everything else that’s out there, starting with alcohol.”

According to a recent national poll, Johnson pulled 11 percent of the vote in a three-way race against former Secretary of State and Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton and Republican front runner Donald Trump. While Johnson seems to have a great deal of support due to his status as a former governor, the Libertarian Party will only choose its presidential nominee during its Orlando, Florida convention later this month.

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