Ron Paul: Trump’s Foreign Policy Speech Full of Contradictions

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April 29, 2016—Dr. Ron Paul used his latest Liberty Report segment to go over presidential candidate Donald Trump’s foreign policy speech.

To Dr. Paul, Trump’s much talked about speech was filled with myths and contradictions. In order to help his viewership understand why Trump’s comments weren’t accurate, Liberty Report’s Chris Rossini first asked Dr. Paul to comment on Trump’s assumptions concerning President Barack Obama’s US military record.

According to Trump, Obama “weakened our military” while also spending trillions of US taxpayer dollars to provide Europe and Asia with a “strong defense.” When asked to comment on this contradictory comment, Ron Paul said:

“I think [that] the biggest myth in this is that the weak economy has made the military weak. I think it’s better to look [at it] the other way around: Unnecessary military spending makes the economy weak because it drains the economy.

There’s this myth that has gone around for a long time, it still exists, that when countries get into trouble they [must] divert the attention of the people away from their problems and they start a war and they are preoccupied, they are all fighting and they are employed, but that never generates a greater wealth. Wars destroy wealth. And this whole idea that Obama caused the weakened economy and therefore the military has suffered makes no sense whatsoever.

Besides, Obama, as bad as he is, he didn’t do anything to help the economy. He didn’t allow the liquidation of debt, and [didn’t] reintroduce free market economics, and didn’t change the tax code; the kind of things that could have helped the economy. [Instead] he continued Republican policies of Keynesianism, which is a bipartisan policy. And that means that deficits don’t matter. [They] keep spending, you stimulate the economy by spending. If you need money, you print the money, [and] it goes on and on. So it’s the perpetuation of this. It’s pretty tough in this day and age to even say that Obama [is] the only monster out there. … You know, when Obama took over, it seems to me like we were at the beginning of that downturn [which] actually occurred during Bush’s term. But that’s a consequence of bad monetary policy and these downturns are unpredictable, [you never know] exactly when they will start. We can only say that if you don’t do the right things they will continue on and on.

But this idea that one president does it, no, it’s been going on. We’ve been going through these cycles and that’s also predictable that eventually, the temporary bailouts, the temporary inoculation with more money and more spending doesn’t work.

That’s been the big problem since ’08 and ’09, so it hasn’t been that, first we had the arrival of Obama, [thenhe] makes the economy weak  and that’s why the military is having problems getting enough money. Which is a myth in itself … That’s completely mixed up.

If you take $600 billion plus, really, [which is what we dedicate to] military spending, it has nothing to do with defense spending, it usually aggravates our security, it doesn’t provide more defense, so that in itself takes away from the money that could be spent if it were allowed to stay in the economy. And then, if you didn’t have to bail out people and get welfare, and let the real wealth stay in the economy, and people were working and saving, this would be a different world entirely.”

While Ron Paul agrees that the weak economy is a huge problem, he contends that the way Donald Trump wants to go about fixing it won’t work, simply because Keynesian policies will remain in use.

Watch the video for more of Ron Paul’s comments on Trump’s foreign policy speech:

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