Thomas Massie Reviews Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Speech

April 28, 2016—Congressman Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky) was elected in 2012 thanks to an endorsement from Ron Paul and liberty-loving volunteers who wanted to see a more non-intervention foreign policy views represented in Washington, D.C. So, what did Massie think of Donald Trump’s foreign policy speech from Wednesday?

“A lot of his speech actually spoke to me there,” Massie told Kennedy on Fox Business. “As an advocate of taxpayer dollars and fiscal responsibility and a non-interventionist, I thought he was answering a lot of the questions that the American public’s been asking. For instance, why are we subsidizing the defense of socialist countries? Now, they may be our allies, but their debt to GDP ratio is lower than ours, and why are we building infrastructure in Afghanistan when our own infrastructure is crumbling at home?”

“And, you know, is Iran stronger now that we’ve taken out their main adversary, Iraq, in the Middle East?” Massie continued. “Are we better off in Libya and Syria now that we’ve intervened? These are all questions that Americans have and are rightfully asking and I’ve been asking. Why are we sending so much foreign aid overseas when we have our own problems at home? So, I think what he said is going to resonate with people.”

“These discussions have been tamped down. We have all these, what I call weapons of mass distraction, that people want to talk about, and they don’t talk about the burning issues and the questions that we’ve had. Look, we’ve spent $2 trillion in wars in the Middle East. That’s adding up to real money, and we’re spending out of sight in Afghanistan to rebuild over there, so these are questions that need to be answered. I’m glad he’s having them, and I’m glad we’re past that part in the debate where everybody just calls each other names,” Massie added.

So, is Massie endorsing Trump?

“I am ecumenical. I endorsed Rand Paul, and I worked hard for him in Iowa and elsewhere, and once he got out of the race, I decided I’m not endorsing anybody, although I will be a delegate in Cleveland. I’m looking forward to that,” Massie said.

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