Trump on Debt and The Fed: A Caricature of Both Major Parties

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May 10, 2016—Jacob Hornberger, president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, covers the latest chapter in Donald Trump’s campaign, once again upsetting much of the establishment, while ultimately supporting the status quo.

Yesterday I wrote in my blog about Donald Trump’s plan to solve the ever-growing death crisis with the federal government. I wrote that he was suggesting that they give creditors, what in the financial world is called a haircut, that is, pay them less than what is owed to them.

Well, this caused Trump’s critics on both the Democratic and the Republican party side to go ballistic, saying that this was horrible, and so he backtracked and said, ‘well, what I’m really going to do is just issue paper money and pay them off in paper money.’

Federal_ReserveBut as I wrote in my blog yesterday, that’s what they’ve been doing for decades. That’s how they’ve been defaulting. They just print the money and pay people off in cheap and debased dollars. Well, this caused Trump’s critics to go ballistic again, saying, ‘this is horrible that you would be doing this,’ but that’s what they’ve been doing.

So, what his real sin, his real crime, is saying it, telling the American people that he’s going to be doing exactly what the Democrats and the Republicans have been doing through the Federal Reserve’s inflationary policies for decades.

That’s what the Fed is for, to accommodate the debt and pay off creditors in cheap and debased dollars. It’s a form of default, a fraudulent form of default. So, you know, Trump is just this walking caricature of both Democrats and Republicans, he stands for everything they believe in. When he talks about immigrants in his negative way, he’s demonstrating how they feel, but he’s just speaking it. That’s what his sin is, he says it like it is. Ya know, the Native Americans had a term for Trump’s critics: speaking with a forked tongue. That’s what they do, they speak with a forked tongue.

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