What America Could Learn from the Swiss, Ron Paul Interviews Claudio Grass


April 28, 2016—For the last Liberty Report segment, Dr. Ron Paul sat with Claudio Grass, the President of Global Gold, a precious metals trading and storage firm from Switzerland.

During the interview, Dr. Ron Paul talked to Grass about what Switzerland knows that America doesn’t.

Dr. Paul began the interview by saying that he has “always been fascinated with Switzerland.” “So much,” he added “that I have always wanted to go to Switzerland but never got there.”

He continued:

“I love the political system, I love the decentralization, and of course, Switzerland comes and goes too on their defense of liberty and, sometimes they are the champion of the gold standard. … But one question I want to ask you about libertarianism, since you’re a libertarian from Switzerland, it sounds like there must be a few more but, if I were a Swiss citizen and I was running for office, and all I wanted to do was aim a the goal of getting the maximum amount of votes, would it be more popular for me to say ‘I’m a socialist and this is what I want,’ or would it be better to say, ‘I’m a libertarian and this is what I don’t want to do?’ Which one would get the most votes?”

Grass answered:

“Definitely not the socialist! When you look back into the history of Switzerland, we had four different languages, we consist of 26 states, as you said, we always had decentralization, also, we’re the last remaining direct democracy on this planet, meaning that the sovereign are the Swiss people. Of course, because the Swiss people are the sovereign … we are used to debate what is going on. When people are used to debate, they also have a higher state in terms of enlightenment so they don’t fall into the trap of just taking over opinions which have been sold [by] the mass media. So they really think. I think that’s the problem these days, people are not allowed to think independently any longer.”

Watch for more on this enlightening conversation between Ron Paul and Claudio Grass.

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