Judge Napolitano: FBI Meets Guccifer, Clinton Email Hacker

May 5, 2016—Judge Andrew Napolitano, senior judicial analyst for Fox News, gave another update to the “perilous” espionage case against the former secretary of state and likely Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton.

The FBI is now hearing from Guccifer, hacker extradited from a Romanian prison, who claims he saw evidence of 10 other hacks on Clinton’s private email server. The next and final step to the FBI investigation will be an interview with Clinton herself.

“We have known about [Guccifer’s] indictment by the FBI and extradition for a couple weeks. He was just extradited last month, but what he revealed to [Fox News reporter Catherine Herridge] in the interview was the ease with which Mrs. Clinton’s email was directly hacked, you know, originally hacked through Sid Blumenthal, her friend, whom she did send material that had been classified by the government as confidential or secret,” Judge Napolitano explained. “But [Guccifer] revealed that he was able, and he said he saw evidence of 10 others from different parts of the world, to attack her directly.”

“Now, the government does not have to prove that she was hacked in order to prove espionage,” Judge Napolitano continued. “Espionage is the removal of secrets from a secure location to a non-secure location, whether or not exposed. But if they can show that she was hacked, that could enhance punishment for her, if she’s indicted, prosecuted, and convicted.”

“Experts can prove where [Guccifer] said he was,” Judge Napolitano clarified.

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