Ron Paul: Economic Incentives Behind US Warship in South China Sea

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May 11, 2016—During his latest Liberty Report video, Dr. Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams discussed the United States decision to send naval warships into a disputed area in the South China Sea.

While the United States claims that the commercial shipping lanes must be kept open and that’s why sending ships to the region is important, why would China clog those lanes if much of its economy depends on them?

Ron Paul begins the video segment by explaining that, much like any other day, US involvement abroad is everywhere in the news:

“The world is not as peaceful as we would like it to be. It could be a lot worse but there’s always some stirrings around the world. Sometimes, we get involved in a few of those things. And of course, our viewpoint is that we get involved way too much, we go looking for trouble and too often we find it. All you have to do is think back these 50 years or more in the Middle East and that’s an ongoing crisis.

But today in the news there were several things going on.

We’re sending tanks to Georgia, we do that every year for a military exercise, at least we participate, but we never sent tanks before. And we upped the number of troops we send there. I’m just not quite sure what that has … to do with defending our country, it seems like an aggravation.

Also, they are getting ready to open up a defense shield in Romania. Now that is really important! We have to defend Romania and at the same time antagonize somebody, maybe the Russians might be antagonized by this because we’re very close to their border. And there’s the continuation with the Baltic, the build up, and the military, and our involvement throughout that region. And our involvement with the Ukraine and that area. But today, the announcement is, the headlines says ‘US warship challenges China’s claim in South China Sea.’ Well, sounds pretty important! Seems like it’s a long way off!”

SouthChinaSeaAs Paul goes over the map, he adds that looking at how many countries are present and involved in the region may give us a better idea as to “why we’re sending the third warship over there to stir up some problems, as far as I can see.”

He continues:

“China is the so-called instigators now because they are developing some new islands there and [they claim these islands are] part of China. The Philippines are involved cause they have territorial disputes. Brunei is involved, Malaysia is involved, Vietnam is involved, actually Japan is involved as well as Taiwan. But we’re the big guys and we have to go over there and you know, they were talking about the military but maybe there’s some economic interest that we have to deal with too in this little dispute.”

McAdams agrees and adds that “$5 trillion worth of shipboard trade passes through that area every year and that includes a lot of China’s trade, as you can imagine, that includes the backbone of the Chinese economy.”

Ron Paul responds by saying that “You’d think that would be enough of an incentive to work toward peace rather than working toward antagonisms here,” but America seems to have a different perspective.

Watch the full segment below.

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