Ron Paul: Torture is Terrorism, a Violation of Due Process


May 3, 2016—For his latest Liberty Report segment, Dr. Ron Paul discussed torture.

Recently, Reuters found that nearly two thirds of the US population support the use of torture against what the news organization called “suspected terrorists,” meaning that most Americans surveyed believe that being the suspect of a crime alone is enough to justify putting him in harm’s way.

To Dr. Paul, the results of this recent poll are heartbreaking:

“Torturing is a rather evil thing to do but it’s in the news.

They did a recent poll, and it was disappointing, the way the questions were answered, ‘whatever!’ The attitude of the people, they didn’t give libertarian answers or even reasonable answers. [About] 65 percent of the American people say: ‘Yeah, go to it! Torture them! Because we have to torture jihadists! You know? We’re gonna save the world that way!’

That to me is rather discouraging.

We all remember seeing the pictures of torture not too long ago at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib and it probably did more harm than anything because they spread everywhere through the Arab world and it radicalized the people because of the way we were treating another human being.

But the whole thing is that they talk about torture and they come up with all of these justifications why torture is necessary, ‘you’re gonna stop an atomic explosion! Because you’re gonna torture somebody and they are going to tell you the truth under these circumstances!’ But the whole thing is [that torture] hasn’t been a very practical thing to do. And yet I was discouraged so much because there is such strong support [for torture] but the candidates seem to support it too, so it might be a reflection of the people or the people are reflecting the leaders. Which way do you think it is?”

Daniel McAdams, the executive director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity argued that, oftentimes, these polls are used as a means of propaganda. Showing the country supports torture could be used later as a justification to keep bad policies in place.

Ron Paul added that “they mess around with the poll and then they become a propaganda tool, and they use that to build the momentum and then of course, definitions aren’t used.”

Watch to find out what terrorism really is and why government officials are reluctant to use the proper definitions:

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