The Socialism of Public Housing: The Libertarian Angle


April 29, 2016—On this episode of The Libertarian Angle, Jacob Hornberger and Richard Ebeling of the Future of Freedom Foundation, take on the socialism of public housing.

“One way of doing it,” Ebeling explained, “was to condemn private housing, residential housing or other structures. Tear them down and then build these government housing projects, according to central plan, and then feed people into them, in these crowded spaces, in which the government managed them in a slipshod way. People had no incentives of caring or maintaining the buildings, and therefore they became derelict areas with crime and filth of various and sundry types.”

“Notice that whenever they have built these government housing projects, the government remains the owner,” Hornberger says. “I mean, if they’re going to give housing to someone, why not vest title in the person? Whereas you point out, the person now owns it. He’s gonna take care of it. If he decides to sell it, he can keep the profits from the sale, but notice they have never done that. They always insist on the government remaining the landlord, and the poor person being the tenet. Why do they do that? Well, to create this sense of dependency on the government, that people in public housing projects will tend to vote for whatever candidate is promising to keep that public housing project there. Nobody wants to be thrown out of his house.”

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