Toddlers Killed More Than Muslim Terrorists in 2016

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May 2, 2016—According to the Washington Post, toddlers have shot at least 23 people this year alone. Exactly 23 people more than “Muslim terrorists” have, MIC reported.

While both news organizations focus on the fact that the nation has paid little to no attention to the high number of victims of shootings committed by toddlers as compared to the number of gun attacks committed by terrorists who claim to act on behalf of Islam, they also use the statistics to blame gun violence initiated by toddlers on “lax gun laws.”

MIC’s lack of in depth reporting misses the point when talking about gun violence. In reality, states where gun laws are more restrictive see an increase in gun violence whereas states with more gun-friendly laws often see a drop in crime. But what’s important about MIC’s review of gun violence statistics is its assessment of how the War on Terror as well as Washington’s insistence in targeting nations that are predominantly Muslim have contributed to violence against the Muslim community here at home.

From MIC:

“Then there’s the other problem: Muslims in America haven’t been afforded nearly the same benefit of the doubt as their diaper-wearing counterparts.

Since 9/11, a spike in hate crimes against Muslims and Sikhs—who are often mistaken for Muslims—has accompanied a series of administrative and law enforcement practices that criminalize them. This includes the NYPD’s disgraced Demographics Unit, which dedicated years of resources to surveilling Muslim neighborhoods in the tr-state area only to fail at uncovering a single piece of actionable intelligence.

Despite Muslim terrorists having killed nobody in the U.S. in 2016, Muslims across the country are routinely made to suffer due to Islamophobic perceptions. There are now at least six documented incidents of Muslims being removed from commercial airline flights since November because their fellow passengers felt threatened by them—including an Iraqi refugee who got kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight in April because a woman heard him speaking Arabic on the phone and got scared.”

To many libertarian advocates such as former congressman Ron Paul, the security problem we face today in America has absolutely nothing to do with religion. When talking about Donald Trump’s comments on Muslims, Dr. Paul explained that “You should not give privileges to groups, and you shouldn’t punish groups. And you should never sacrifice liberty because you think you’re going to be safer. That is not the prime purpose of government. In our system, at least! The purpose … is the government exists to protect our liberties.”

Should we fear Islam or toddlers with guns? Share your thoughts with us!

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