Trump Phenomenon: Mass Discontent and the Intellectual Landscape

May 4, 2016—Jacob Hornberger, president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, sees an opportunity for libertarians in 2016, and it all has to do with getting people gripped by the Trump phenomenon thinking.

With the results of the Indiana primary in and Ted Cruz dropping out of the race, it’s clear that Donald Trump is going to be the Republican nominee for president.

150806_POL_TrumpThinkingThe most fascinating part of the Trump phenomenon, for me, has been that every time the mainstream pundits and commentators and the political establishment come out and tell people why they should vote against Trump, people in ever-increasing numbers have going to the ballot box and voting for him. I mean, it’s been a direct slap in the face against the mainstream and the establishment.

And my hunch is it’s because a lot of people now know that the mainstream has led our country in a very bad, horrific, dark direction, in the direction of torture, assassinations, forever war, death machines, ever-increasing budgets for the military and the CIA, regime change operations, refugee crises, surveillance schemes. Really, they’ve destroyed everything that America once stood for.

And then on the domestic side, people are figuring out that Social Security is just a big scam. There’s never been a fund. It’s a straight stealing program from young to seniors. Medicare is just another socialist program straight out of the Cuban, North Korean socialist handbooks. The drug war, look at how many people they’ve destroyed.

So people are figuring it out, and that doesn’t mean they’ve become full-fledged libertarians by any means. It also doesn’t mean that Donald Trump is a libertarian, but it does mean that people are discontent, and when people are discontent, that means they’re gonna start thinking, and when they start thinking, that means we libertarians have a very good chance at restoring freedom, peace, prosperity, and harmony to our land.

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