Chameleon Clinton Changes Her Colors on Healthcare

May 12, 2016—Jacob Hornberger, president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, breaks down the fake 2016 debate over healthcare.

Well, Hillary Clinton now says that she would favor opening up Medicare to people that are younger than sixty-five. She’s doing this in response to pressure from Bernie Sanders, who would like a fully socialized healthcare system.


She’s losing primaries to Sanders, and so she feels like she has to tack to the left. And the media’s pointing out that this could have an impact on her in the general election, where she might have trouble tacking back to the right.

These politicians, they’re like chameleons, they just change their colors in response to the environment. They see how the wind’s blowing, and then they adjust their positions accordingly, and the Republicans are no different. I mean, Donald Trump favors Medicare and Medicaid, in fact every Republican critic of Trump favors Medicare and Medicaid.

Oh yeah, they’ll debate and argue with each other about whether Obamacare should be abolished or reformed or whatever, but they all favor Medicare and Medicaid, these socialist programs that were brought into existence by Lyndon Johnson.

There is only one group that favors a free market system in healthcare, a free enterprise system, a system that is free of government control, interference, and regulation, and that’s us libertarians. We favor a totally free market healthcare system, and that is the only solution to the socialist woes that have afflicted America in healthcare.

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