Ron Paul: Facebook News Bias Warrants No Government Intervention

May 12, 2016—Traditionally, voters have always associated the Republican party with the message of fiscal responsibility, even as Republicans repeatedly fail to deliver on their small government promises.

During an interview for Fox Business, Dr. Ron Paul discussed this contradiction, but before he got into that subject, he also talked about the reports concerning Facebook’s alleged suppression of conservative news sites.

When asked whether he agreed with Congressman John Thune’s letter to the social media network demanding an explanation as to whether the company effectively suppresses conservative website news that might be popular among Facebook users, Ron Paul answered:

“I don’t know what his letter says but I’d certainly oppose … the government, the Congress, or anybody else that tries to restrain Facebook by getting that information. But if it’s true, it’s good to know that. And I think people can deface, or you know, not work with Facebook. But it’s sorta like realizing the New York Times is a biased newspaper and taking it into consideration, but you don’t regulate those individuals that do this.

But you know I think Facebook actually started all this because the Silicon Valley is part of the ‘deep state.’

They do want regulations. They want exemptions from lawsuits so they come and they lobby Congress to get protection so they can deal and also participate in the government spying on us. So I think that’s really a big problem. But to write a letter, I have no idea what he said but he should not get involved in regulating Facebook.”

During the interview, Paul also explained how Republicans have not been successful in shrinking the government. Instead, Paul argued, both Democrats and Republicans are responsible for how intrusive and massive government has become.


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