This Ron Paul Republican Just Revealed a Sad (and Funny) Truth

May 12, 2016—Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky) was elected in 2012 at the height of the Ron Paul-inspired libertarian insurgence into the Republican Party, but he is not so sure ideology is what drove voters to send him to Washington, D.C. Massie said as much at a recent Reason event.

“I have had some party questioning recently. You know, sometimes it’s hard to identify with any of the parties. I’ve decided, I’m not bi-partisan, I’m trans-partisan. I’m advocating for a trans-partisan cloakroom, because I’m not welcome when I walk in either of them. I just, I feel inadequate, so labels are a difficult thing, but they always try to label you,”

“When I ran for Congress, I had some examples in front of me. I saw Rand Paul had won in Kentucky, won a primary against the establishment candidate, who was basically supposed to get the rubber stamp. He was preordained to be the next senator from Kentucky and Rand just smashed him, and then I saw Ron Paul do really well in Iowa and New Hampshire and even Nevada and I think he ended up with the delegates from five states going to the convention. So, I had a prototype to follow, libertarian Republican. Let’s work within the party.”

“So, I run, and I did pretty well, and I’m thinking, wow, these libertarian ideas are really catching on within the Republican Party. Then I go to Iowa to help Rand campaign for president, and Trump just blows everybody away, so I had to do some soul-searching, because these were my voters. Like, my voters in Kentucky, the ones that elected me were voting for Donald Trump, so what I realized is they’re not voting for the libertarian leaning Republican ideology. They’re voting for the craziest son of a bitch in the race! And I happened to be that, Rand happened to be that, and Ron happened to be that. But he just took it to a whole new level and dropped the ideology.”

Here is the full video of Massie’s remarks from the event:

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