Felony Friday: Exposing a Cop’s Lie, Attorney Shares His Story

Originally posted at Lions of Liberty

May 13, 2016—Today’s Felony Friday guest is Greg Doucette. Greg joined Felony Friday host John Odermatt to discuss his viral Twitter rant, which was a spontaneous reaction after he discovered a police officer blatantly lied about his client’s actions.

Mr. Doucette is a self-described computer scientist turned lawyer. He is an attorney in Durham, North Carolina and 2012 graduate of the North Carolina Central University School of Law in Durham. In his spare time he runs the blog: LawDevNull, which he began in 2009 during his time in law school.

John and Greg spent most of the show discussing the case that caused him to make headlines recently. Greg shared why he took to Twitter to share the injustice he witnessed while defending a young client from charges of reckless driving and how he uncovered the blatant lie told by a police officer. Greg has also announced that he is going to take his fight to the North Carolina State Senate, as he is running in district 22 as a Republican.

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