Trump vs. Clinton: The Welfare-Warfare State

May 13, 2016—Jacob Hornberger, president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, only sees one solution to the welfare-warfare state, and it doesn’t include a Trump or Clinton presidency.

Well, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are already battling over taxes, how much taxes to be imposed on the 1% and how much tax relief to everybody else. But notice, as the commentators are pointing out, neither one of them is touching the big elephant in the room and that’s the out of control federal spending and debt.



Now they’re really stuck, I mean, since they both belong to the statist party, they’re not about to touch the welfare state. And anyway, people on the dole in the welfare state, people on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, farm subsidies, they’re not going to let them touch their dole. They’re going to say, ‘don’t even think about going down that road.’

And then, the warfare state side, no different. The military and the CIA are going to say, ‘don’t even think about it. National security’s at stake. We’ve got a new Cold War that we just started against Russia and China. We’ve got the endless War on Terrorism.’

And so America is stuck, and inexorably moving in the direction of Puerto Rico and Greece, with its ever-growing mountain of debt. And then you’ve got the drug war on top of all this they won’t let go. There’s only one solution to this, and that’s the libertarian solution:

Dismantle both the welfare state part of the government and the warfare state. Repeal Medicare, Medicaid, farm subsidies, aid to foreign dictators, dismantle the Cold War dinosaur totalitarian apparatus known as the national security establishment, dismantle the foreign military empire.

In other words, restore free markets and a constitutionally limited government to our land. That’s the way we achieve a free, prosperous, harmonious, moral society.

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