Ron Paul: Congress Must Get Rid of the Draft

Ron Paul the draft

May 16, 2016—During his latest Liberty Report video segment, Dr. Ron Paul discussed, once again, the new law putting women in the same category as men when it comes to the draft.

As Congress inches closer to passing the $602 billion National Defense Authorization Act, an amendment approved by the Senate Armed Services Committee added to the bill recently would require American women to register for the military draft, just like American men have been required over the past decades.

Since the 1970s, the US military has relied only on what the government claims to be an “all-volunteer” force, but young men are still required to sign up for the Selective Service. In case a draft is reactivated, these young men would be sent to war.

Dr. Paul begins his video by explaining why this major change should be more widely discussed:

“I’d like to visit again about the NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act.

It’s been a big issue for me and others and especially in our campaign in 2012. But it’s coming up again, we’ve called attention to, our listeners about it, because within this bill was a big change and that is that they want to punish women so they are equal to men.

They punish men and make us all sign up for the draft and get drafted occasionally as well, but equality is important! We have to punish women too!

So even though it was done as a joke, it was introduced in the committee, ‘well if ‘we’re going to have women in combat let’s draft them too!’ Thinking that nobody would have accepted it. But lo and behold, it sorta backfired to the person that was doing it. So they put it in the bill and it’s coming up. Who knows what will happen, they will have a chance to maybe remove it,  but that’s a big deal. You know, and it’s a big issue, it motivates a lot of people.

Of course, we would like to change that whole provision, how about getting rid of the draft? I worked real hard back in the 70s to try to prevent that from happening when it was reinstated in 1979.”


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