Why the Koch Bros Aren’t Boarding (or Stopping) the Trump Train

May 16, 2016—The National Review reports that Charles and David Koch, the (in)famous industrialist billionaire backers of libertarian-conservative causes, turned down a chance to spend tens of millions against Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Their umbrella organization, Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, met “on a frigid Tuesday in February” National Review reported, in Wichita, Kansas, to consider, among other proposals, a plan to prevent what would end up being Trump’s onslaught wins on Super Tuesday.

Marc Short, the president of the organization at the time, offered up an eight-figure anti-Trump plot, but the “corporate side” of the table out-voted the “political side” with Charles Koch making the final call to side with the majority.

“We had a huge amount of success, but I think when they said, ‘We don’t know what to do about Trump,’ I think it was true and it revealed to us something we didn’t know,” an anonymous longtime Koch donor told National Review. “We thought when the grassroots was voting for conservative candidates that they understood the policies and supported the policies, and maybe that’s not true. Maybe they aren’t educated on our policies. That may be the truth.”

That right there is the scary truth. Perhaps Rep. Thomas Massie was right when he said his voters didn’t elect him for his libertarian principles, but were all along looking to support “the craziest son of a bitch in the race.”

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