Ron Paul: Neocons ‘Hysterical’ Over Facebook ‘Censorship’

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Is Facebook guilty of committing fraud?

May 17, 2016—For his latest Liberty Report segment, Dr. Ron Paul discussed the Facebook issue once again, going over the allegations concerning the news curating process carried out by one of the most popular social media networks today.

He opens the video with the following:

“We would like to talk a little bit about the [Facebook] issues, because they are political and economical issues dealing with the controversy with Facebook right now.

I understand there’s an important meeting coming up. A meeting of the great minds. A group of conservatives who just happen not to like Trump very much along with [Mark] Zuckerberg, who’s been charged with manipulating the news. And we didn’t even know that Facebook was a news agency but everybody knows there’s a lot of people, like a billion or so, who get their news from Facebook, so the controversy really is: have they been fudging things? … Have they been biased? And we have seen the Pauls names, Rand and Ron Paul names in, that they weren’t that friendly with us.

You know I’ve been working for years under the assumption that these people in the media, technology people, especially early on, people who really understood technology and computers and communication were the libertarians! But here we have supposedly libertarian-minded people in the social networks and they aren’t friendly to us. But of course, the big controversy now has to be sorted out. What is true and what is to be done about it. The Senate wants to get involved and it does have a great deal of significance but I have been interviewed on this so far, and I made the comment that we don’t need the government cracking down and telling Facebook what to do but we certainly need to dissect this out because there are certain things that may have stepped over the line and we might hear about that.”

During the discussion, Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity’s executive director Daniel McAdams explained how the allegations surfaced and how the “huge black eye for conservatives” is now Zuckerberg’s problem.

Now, Facebook founder and CEO needs to remedy this situation by meeting with a group of prominent conservatives. But what will they be talking about anyway?

As Ron Paul says in the video, “there’s always a politician ready to go,” so it’s no wonder the neoconservatives are coming together on this. Problem is, this problem could b easily solved by the free market.

Watch the entire discussion below:

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