Why Hillary Clinton Smiled When Gun Owners Were Called Terrorists

May 17, 2016—Why did Hillary smile when gun owners were called terrorists? Independent of any liberal excuse for (excuse to think like a conquered loser about) the action, one can’t help but wonder why we should be confronted and bothered by news like this. Doesn’t it seem pretty strange that newspapers all around the world were able to legitimately report this?

Those intelligent enough to have taken interest in this article and have read this far probably don’t need to be told that gun ownership has historically been an inalienable Constitutional right, used for personal defense, for hunting and for rising up if the government becomes criminal, which was recognized by the forefounders (representations of honor and the polar opposite of terrorists) as necessary in the disciplined maintenance of a healthy government and society. This is not a survey of all of Hillary’s ties to the UN and plans for gun confiscations but rather a general picture of the reality of the situation.

A month ago on ABC News, Hillary smiled and nodded very confidently when Rita Kestenbaum, the 2015 Democratic candidate for Hempstead Town Supervisor, said: “If we all get angry enough we can start saving lives… our citizens are the terrorists…. We’re so worried about terrorism but we have terrorism on our own soil. Our gun manufacturers, our ammunition manufacturers are making terrorists out of our citizens. A sobering fact.” Kestenbaum then made it sound as if a “semi-automatic” weapon can be bought freely online without regulation and that there isn’t already a pile of unconstitutional (inherently criminal) legislation disrespecting citizens’ Second Amendment rights.

Does it seem spooky that Hillary appeared to agree with the woman’s statements? They were quite obviously inaccurate; and as someone running for president, wouldn’t a sane demeanor out of her have been to not make it appear as if Kestenbaum was on point and that every critic of gun rights is always right no matter what? A couple years ago during a Town Hall meeting, the comparison between gun owners and terrorists came from her own mouth; and it’s far from the only example. What is it that drives Hillary toward such behavior?

As explained by former Clinton hitman Larry Nichols, he was told [8:15] about FEMA’s plan in 1986 by the Clintons as they discovered it. The couple discussed striving to become the most powerful in history, with Hillary eventually becoming a functional co-president and Bill becoming the head the UN by fulfilling the position of Secretary General [6:30]. Nichols says Hillary wants to be the recipient of the collapse [5:37] and FEMA’s provincial government response. Using their growing list of minions, the two then assumed some of the primary roles in the push for the confiscation of guns from patriots and their potential imprisonment in FEMA concentration camps.  Here’s a cute video of her saying adults shouldn’t disagree politically and should be put in camps.

One of President Bill Clinton’s first major implementations in following their plan was the designation of 48 plots of land and National Parks to the UN, making them UN Biosphere Reserves, solidifying the private organization’s first stronghold in the US. Their police are now of the UN and the Parks are now military bases run privately by the richest of the rich, who work to monopolize crime, itself.


In 1979, President Carter consolidated several powers into FEMA’s hands: the National Security Act of 1947, the 1950 Defense Production Act (giving the president dictatorial power over the economy), the Act of Aug. 29, 1916 (authorizing the Sec. of the Army in a time of war to take possession of the transportation system) and the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (which lets the president regulate commerce if a foreign threat is suspected of creating a national emergency.)

Four years into its construction, FEMA’s chief of its Civil Security Division Frank Salzedo said that FEMA’s role was as a “new frontier in the protection of individual and governmental leaders from assassination, and of civil and military installations from sabotage and/or attack, as well as prevention of dissident groups from gaining access to U.S. opinion, or a global audience in times of crisis.”

FEMA derives its power upon a list of Executive Orders. Executive Order 12148 instituted FEMA, held in conjunction with the Dept. of Defense, and ordered the appointment of an “emergency czar.” Almost all of the funding allocated in lieu of this Order has went to constructing underground fortresses to assure continuity in the advent of a foreign or domestic catastrophe.

Executive Order 12656 made the body that should consider using emergency powers the National Security Council, which has led to the ramping up of domestic surveillance and intelligence monitoring. It says it gives government the right to segregate and isolate large groups of people and also restrict the public right to travel.

These Orders were based upon several prior Executive Orders, mostly put in place by President Kennedy in 1962:

Executive Order 10990: allows the Federal government to take control of transportation, including highways and seaports

Executive Order 10995: allows the Federal government to seize the media and all communications

Executive Order 10997: allows the Federal government to seize power sources, including fuel sources and minerals

Executive Order 10998: allows the Federal government to seize all food resources and farms

Executive Order 11000: allows the Federal government to divert civilians from their means of survival and organize them into supervised work brigades

Executive Order 11001: allows the Federal government to take over health, educational and welfare functions

Executive Order 11002: allows the Federal government the power to designate the Postmaster General as a national registrar of persons

Executive Order 11003: allows the Federal government to seize airports and all aircraft

Executive Order 11004: allows the Federal government to relocate communities through the Housing and Finance Authority and designate areas to be abandoned

Executive Order 11005: allows the Federal government to seize railroads, inland waterways and public storage facilities

Executive Order 11051: allows the Federal government to put all Executive Orders into effect in times of increased tensions and economic or financial crisis

Executive Order 11310 (Johnson, 1966): allows the Dept. of Justice to enforce the aforesaid Orders to institute industrial support, to establish judicial and legislative liaison, to control all aliens and to operate penal and correctional institutions

Executive Order 11921 (Ford, 1976): allows the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency to control production and distribution of energy, wages, salaries, credit and the flow of money in an undefined national emergency. It removes the ability of Congress to review a presidential declaration of a state of emergency until six months have elapsed.

President Reagan enabled Rex 84 (Readiness Exercise 1984), involving the prepping for the institution of martial law and the rounding up of “subversive activists,” involving the detention of thousands or millions of American citizens deemed “national security threats.”

It was based upon the prior objectives of Operation Garden Plot: a Dept. of Defense Civil Service/US Army/Air Force plan to control major domestic civil disturbances. It forces Federal officials into the affairs of local governments to take action on our street corners. The program is still active and has been moved under the control of NORTHCOM.

Real disasters, like Hurricanes Andrew and Katrina, have left people wondering why FEMA isn’t doing its job but most of its efforts have been directed toward the controlled dissemination of expected civil disobedience.


The UN’s gun confiscation model is already followed everywhere but here and Switzerland (the safest country as of 2015.) The UN’s model is well observed in the UK, where guns were taken and violent crime consequently exploded, due to lawful gun owners no longer having the means to defend themselves and criminals instead resorting to knives and other weapons. That’s the witting or unwitting reward for the anti-gun activists if they succeed in their sponsorship of the dissemination of American gun rights.

Plans for opening the concentration camps have recently accelerated. Army document FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations leaked evidence of “re-education camps” set to be used to reprogram citizens toward America’s new values and to remove the old. Several months earlier in a KBR (Halliburton subsidiary) project overview, details about equipping and preparing them were leaked. These leaks were coupled with Obama’s National Defense Authorization Act, signed on New Year’s Eve 2012 when almost no one was paying attention, which destroys due process and allows the Federal government to spontaneously detain anyone suspected of being a terrorist indefinitely without disclosing details to the public.

What we’re seeing is the unfolding of a long string of events that shifted direction in the 60s but originated closer to the 1860s. America’s original enemies are back. Has America grown as weak as it now seems? The last step in the sinister plan to destroy America is to prime the historically and morally illiterate and entice them to either lay down or contribute to the problem when guns are confiscated and the morally and historically righteous, and thus far very patient, patriots are finally forced to resist.