The Libertarian Angle on World War I and II

May 18, 2016—On this episode of The Libertarian Angle, Jacob Hornberger and Richard Ebeling of the Future of Freedom Foundation, continue to bust the myth that World War I and II were worthy of US intervention.

On the war propaganda, Ebeling dismantles some of the claims of past historians.

“Historians have often pointed this out, maybe many viewers have seen these documentaries. Everybody went to war with exuberant and enthusiastic excitement. War is an adventure, war is soldiers on a horse with a saber. War makes you a hero. You’ll come back with medals on your chest and admired in the parades.”

After Ebeling set the world stage, Hornberger moved to talk about the US specifically.

“Let’s talk about America’s entry into the war, because we need to understand why that happened. There’s been allegations by historians that Germany started the war, because it was firing on ships, American ships, that were traveling to Great Britain, and that America was just defending itself, creating that sense of self-defense as a justification for going to war, but that isn’t really exactly true and doesn’t tell the whole story, does it?”

“No,” Ebeling answered. “First of all, Woodrow Wilson…we have to understand Wilson in a wider context…”

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