Hillary Promises Bill Clinton Economy Czar Position

May 19, 2016—Jacob Hornberger, president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, points out that Donald Trump’s “smartest people” can’t manage the economy either.

Well, in the run-up to the Kentucky primary, Hillary Clinton told an audience that she, believe it or not, intends to put Bill Clinton in charge of managing the economy. Do you ever feel like you’re just having this nightmare and that you’re going to wake up and discover that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are not really the two presidential candidates for America?

I mean, this is incredible, but the problem is not that she believes that her husband or some other government official should be managing the economy. The problem is that she believes in a government-managed economy.

Now, that’s not to say Donald Trump’s any different. He isn’t. He believes in a government managed economy. So does every Democrat, every Republican, every liberal and conservative. The ones who are different are us libertarians. We don’t believe in a government-managed economy. We believe that that’s really the reason for the economic morass in which the whole world finds itself.

We believe in what would be called a free market economy, that is, where markets are free of government management and control and interference, where everyone directs his own economic activities and dovetails his plans with everyone else. That’s the key to a dynamic, rising, prosperous society. Another term for that is free enterprise, where enterprise is free of government management and control.

The French had a term for it, they called it laissez faire, laissez passer. Let it be, let it pass, just leave it alone, and that’s really the key to this, that if we continue going down this road to a government-managed economy, where the government interferes and directs and intervenes in economic affairs, be prepared for more economic crises. The only solution if people want freedom and prosperity and harmony and morality is a libertarian approach of a free market economy.