Like Clinton, Trump is a Slave to the Status Quo

Jacob Hornberger Donald Trump

May 20, 2016—Jacob Hornberger, president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, used his latest video tidbit to talk about Donald Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns.

Donald Trump is refusing to release his income tax returns and this has the mainstream media going ballistic.

I wonder what they would have said to presidential candidates from the time the federal government was called into existence by the Constitution all the way up to the nineteen teens. Because not one single presidential candidate during that period of time ever released his income tax returns.

How do we know this? Because for virtually all of that time, there was no income tax. There was no IRS.

Our ancestors believed that a free society necessarily meant that people have a right to keep everything they earn and decide for themselves what to do with it. No coercive charity, no Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, public schooling, farm subsidies, corporate welfare, aid to dictators, none of that!

And no warfare state either. No military industrial complex, no national security state, no foreign military bases, very few domestic military bases, no CIA, no NSA, an entirely different way of life.

And so while  Trump is certainly right to be protecting his privacy rights, something our ancestors would have certainly agreed with, his problem is that he can’t break out of the tyranny of the status quo, that his mindset toward the status quo is no different from Hillary Clinton and everybody else of a statist ilk.

It’s only we libertarians, challenging people to break out of the status quo and think at a higher level. To expand upon the principles of freedom established by our ancestors beginning with an abolition of the income tax, leaving people free to keep everything they earn, a dismantling of the welfare state and the warfare state apparatus: This is the way we achieve a free, prosperous, moral, and harmonious society.

Will a Trump or Clinton presidency help us spread the message of liberty? Share you thoughts with us!

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