Ron Paul: TSA Union Helping to Destroy Our Liberties

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May 20, 2016—Dr. Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams used the latest Liberty Report video to discuss the criticism the TSA has been receiving over the long security check lines.

Dr. Ron Paul kicks off the video with the following:

“The subject [today] is in the news, very much. It’s an aggravating thought for anybody who’s ever been on [an] airplane or contemplates getting on an airplane, [and] that has to do with the TSA and the long lines.

TSA Ron PaulEverybody knew they were inefficient but somebody had the temerity to actually take a picture of a line it was described as miles long. I guess when you do all that zigzagging it’s very, very long. And the exasperation…

The record for the TSA actually protecting us and saving us from any terrorist attack so far, I think they are not doing so well. They haven’t come up with any great successes and we’ll talk about their failures and what we need to do about it, but this problem has been here with us since it was created, you know, quickly after 9/11 just like the Patriot Act was passed quickly and the law was available with a little tinkering, and we passed the Patriot Act under this very difficult condition. So, once again, I remember the debate very clearly on the House floor, ‘we have to have the TSA, if you don’t [want it], you don’t care about safety, you don’t care about the people, you don’t care about [the fact] we’ve been attacked!’

And, of course, we fought it, but we weren’t very successful because the whole argument was, if we need a little bit more security in our airlines, obviously we do, should we continue to depend on the federal government?

They were already in charge, FAA was in charge of the security that we did have, because the airlines didn’t want it, they didn’t want to have to have the liability so the big argument was, ‘well, what we need to do’ of course, from the left and the right, we had a Republican president, and that is this massively increase, of not the FAA, but a new Department of Transportation. … And of course that’s the way it went and there, the debate was really: Is there really any reason why we might not be able to, at least discuss privatization versus unionization and government bureaucracy? And I think you know the conclusion of what happened, we didn’t win the argument.”

McAdams reminded Dr. Paul that many people seem to forget how many government agencies failed in keeping us safe at the time the 9/11 terrorist attacks happened:

“Nobody wants to talk about this part. The terrorist attacks on 9/11, the government was already in charge, we already had a CIA, the cost is $100 billion a year, we already had the NSA, the FBI, and all these organizations that failed, and now we know how many times they failed.”

Watch the whole discussion for Ron Paul’s personal TSA horror stories:

Why do people still believe the government must keep pumping money into an agency that has failed repeatedly in the past? Sound off below!

Image credit: Gage Skidmore.

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