How Many Federal Gun Control Measures Are Constitutional? Zero.

May 23, 2016—Michael Boldin, founder and executive director of the Tenth Amendment Center, explains in less than a minute why every single federal gun control measure on the books is unconstitutional.

“How many federal gun control measures are constitutional? Zero,” Boldin says.

“The Second Amendment declares that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed,” Boldin continues. “The meaning of the word ‘infringed’ hasn’t changed since the Bill of Rights was ratified. It means ‘to act so as to limit or undermine; encroach on; violate.'”

“The Second Amendment supersedes any conceivable authority to regulate firearms you might be able to ring out of the other delegated powers in the Constitution. Simply put, the federal government may not constitutionally act in any way that limits the right to keep and bear arms. That means all federal gun control measures, all of them, including the acts of 1934 and 1968 are unconstitutional, and they should be treated that way too.”

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