Why Libertarian Candidate John McAfee Doesn’t Use an iPhone

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May 23, 2016—John McAfee, the computer programmer, businessman, and 2016 Libertarian Party presidential candidate was asked to share some ideas on why downloading free apps can pose a risk to your privacy.

For the Business Insider video below, McAfee also gives us an idea of what he likes to play and why he prefers Android to Apple phones.

Here’s an interesting quote from the video:

“Get real people. If you have downloaded something, a game, something that entertains you, or something that helps your life, or makes our life easier and it’s free, there’s something wrong. Didn’t your parents ever tell you there’s nothing free in life?”


Recently, the Libertarian Party presidential candidate talked to Reason magazine about his chances of winning.

Shortly after the Las Vegas Libertarian Party presidential debate, McAfee told Reason why the Donald Trump phenomena has shattered everything we know about politics and why he thinks he can beat all of the main party favorites by simply being himself.

“We can’t use standard political methods, I promise you,” McAfee explained. He continued by saying that he’s in this race to win:

“I don’t do things I can’t win. I win, I promise you. I know that sounds insane. … I’m not joking about running naked in the streets with signs. I will do that shit. I have the ability to sound sane in a suit right after that. … I’m not doing this to make a fucking statement. I do not have the time! … I’m 70! You can do anything you want to waste time. I can’t. I’m doing this to change the country that I love as much as I love myself. So you can believe it. I don’t give a shit or not whether you believe it! It’s whether I live it. And I live it, I have lived it my entire life.

It suddenly became clear to me [last September]: I could become president. Do I want that? Not really. Would it help me? I don’t know. Will it help the country I love? Yes, and here we are. People ask, ‘How are you gonna do that?’ and I don’t have a fucking clue. I just know I will.”

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