Ron Paul: Court Decision Broadens Executive Powers

Supreme Court Ron Paul

May 24, 2016—For his latest Liberty Report segment, Dr. Ron Paul discusses the latest stories on the Supreme Court’s decision to increase the power of the Executive Branch, effectively restricting personal liberties across the board.

“We have an article to go over today that appeared on the Daily Bell that caught my attention,” Paul began the show. He continued:

“Because [the author] was calling attention to an article that was on Bloomberg, and the title of the article on Bloomberg is very catchy and anybody who’s concerned about government regulations in the courts and liberty should pay attention. And the title on Bloomberg was The Government Just Got More Powerful (And That’s a Good Thing).

Oh boy! What’s going on here? I thought we were supposed to shrink the size of government, you know. People were frustrated with government, everybody’s annoyed with government, but the article was written by Cass Sunstein, and he’s a pretty well-known lawyer [who] used to be in the Obama administration. He was in charge of information regulatory affairs, and he’s a real believer in regulations.

And what the court was dealing with last week, and this is the Supreme Court, [had to do with a] principle, which in 1997 it was agreed that the regulatory agencies would have a lot of leeway in interpreting regulations. Congress notoriously have never been very precise and the agencies have never been very precise and the agencies have over-reacted. But they more or less put it into law [in] 97 saying yes, they do have the leeway. And there’s confusion, you don’t need to go to court, you don’t have to go back to Congress, you just let the agencies make these decisions when they were already making too many decisions. So that was the principle that was being challenged. They took it to the Supreme Court so the court had a chance to reverse this and a few people were hopeful that they could cancel out that principle established in 1997, but it didn’t happen. It was sent back to minor courts, lower courts, and they don’t expect it to come up again in a long time. One judge [who] objected to that was Clarence Thomas. He didn’t think it was a good idea and yet here we are, hopefully shrinking the size of government.”

During the rest of the video, both Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams continue to discuss this case while also getting deeper into Cass Sunstein’s background to understand why the Harvard professor is so excited about giving the Executive branch more power.


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