$4 Trillion For the War on Terror: Our Embarrassing 9/11 Response

May 25, 2016—From the lies surrounding the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, to the FBI entrapping “terrorists” in the US, author James Bovard busted myth after myth about the wasteful and destructive War on Terror on C-SPAN Washington Journal on Tuesday.

“The last 15 years, the US government seized far more power,” Bovard said. “It’s killed a huge number of people, but killing foreigners is not a recipe for keeping Americans safe, and it’s unfortunate the entire political culture in this country’s changed. People became far more deferential to Washington, and it was almost as if people had to maintain faith in the government as keeping us safe or else we’ll all be killed.”

How did this happen? Why will it continue?

“It’s very frustrating to me, because I was raised and told that America was the nation that obeys the law, that we have rule of law in this country, but for the War on Terror, it’s almost nothing but sovereign immunity, being that the government can do whatever it wants, and the government is never prosecuted.”

Watch the full interview here.