Ron Paul: Obama’s Visit to Vietnam Promotes War, Not Trade

Ron Paul Vietnam Barack Obama

May 25, 2016—When talking about President Barack Obama’s recent visit to Vietnam, Dr. Ron Paul explained why the president’s so-called new trade agreement with Vietnam has nothing to do with opening up the borders so individuals on both countries are able to trade freely.

He begins the Liberty Report segment by saying:

“Our president has left the country. [When he left] he [was] not the president of the United States, he’s president of the world and now he’s improving relations with Vietnam! [He went to Vietnam] and [it was] in the news, and there’s lots of things to discuss about it because in a way, it’s stated he’s in a diplomatic trip, he wants to improve trade with Vietnam, maybe this is going to be good but on second thoughts, I got to thinking about it. Is this going to be number three for me?

You know, I have praised the opening up the door and communication with Cuba and then also with Iran, I thought it was good. [So] is this going to be another one? Well, I don’t think so.

As a matter of fact, opening up the doors with Vietnam has already occurred a while ago and that of course was a bilateral trade agreement with Vietnam by President George W. Bush. He started off his administration rather well because, that was good, and I can remember so often in the 08 and 12 campaign, sorta emphasizing the fact that things were so much better with Vietnam and just think of the 20 years that the French and Americans were killing the Vietnamese and more, and I said ‘we’ve been at peace and we’re trading with them and talking with them and traveling,’ I just think how much more was achieved in peace than at war. But this is a mixed bag right now, we want to get along with Vietnam but quite frankly I don’t see what [President Obama]’s doing [now is] anywhere close to opening the doors and say, Cuba.”

Unfortunately for peace, the current agreement between Vietnam and the United States has little to do with trade, but a great deal to do with war.


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