Ron Paul: US Bonds Guru Changes Tune, Americans Should Listen

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May 26, 2016—During the last Liberty Report segment, Dr. Ron Paul talked about bond guru Bill Gross and his latest statement. According to the veteran financial manager, the central bank’s dominance is on its last legs, which caught Ron Paul’s attention.

Paul started the video by providing some information on Gross’ background and why we should pay attention to what he’s saying:

“There was an interesting story floating around last day or so about Bill Gross, who’s been known as the guru, the king of the bonds, and proved he really was because he was a bull on bonds for four decades. And as long as interest rates were going down, he was betting on it, … as long as the rates go down, the price goes up and you can make a lot of money and he did, he operated the Pimco fund.

But then a couple of years ago, investors weren’t quite as generous, they were challenging him. He was still doing well but there was a little disagreement, and he was sorta forced out of Pimco, the company he started, so he went over to the Janus bond fund. But he still has a very strong reputation. And he’s still dealing in billions of dollars. But his announcement, just in the last day or two, was that the whole system was at risk. I mean, it’s a big deal, he’s changing his opinion about what to do with stocks and bonds and the day of reckoning, he used these words, is at hand, which means there’s going to be big, big changes. Well, there’s big, big changes in the way he’s investing!

He quit, he’s not loaning bonds anymore, he’s not buying stocks so he’s probably in the mood now to [do] short bonds and at least be very, very cautious. And I think this could have a lot of significance because even though he is the guru, I don’t think he has a total control and comprehension of what the politicians will do, or what the markets will do. But he’s somebody we shouldn’t ignore.”

Watch the full discussion:

Is the Federal Reserve going to raise the interest rates in June? Let us know what you think!

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