Lawmaker’s Helpful Demo: How to Deal w/ Photo-Enforced Tickets

May 27, 2016—Tennessee State Rep. Andy Holt (R–Dresden) took to Facebook Live on Wednesday to offer a demonstration to his constituents on what to do when receiving camera-enforced traffic tickets in the mail.

Calling his own personal ticket “not a real citation,” Holt described how the intimidating and privately-distributed notice demanding payment would never have any impact on one’s credit report, driver’s license, or insurance. No citation does, unless it is delivered by an officer of the law.

“My suggestion is this right here,” Holt said, lighting his ticket on fire. “That’s kinda what I think about these items, and what i think that everyone should do when you receive one.”

“In the spirit of liberty, grow crops, not government. Andy Holt signing off, thank you very much,” he concluded.

Do you know the photo-enforced citation laws in your state?