Judge Jim Gray Welcomes Libertarian Ticket

Gary Johnson, Judge Jim Gray

Help is on the way!

By Judge Jim Gray

May 30, 2016—I have just returned from the Libertarian convention in Orlando, Florida where we nominated Governor Gary Johnson to be our candidate for President of the United States and Governor William Weld to be our candidate for Vice President.

I also had the distinct privilege of nominating Governor Weld for that position.

As I hope you know, Gary Johnson is a successful governor from New Mexico who vetoed excessive spending measures, with the result that he left the state after his two terms in office with a surplus of $1 billion.

In addition, Governor Johnson had the courage way back in 1999 to stand up and say publicly that our nation’s drug policy was not working and had to be changed. (He also endorsed my book on the same subject.)

Furthermore, Governor Weld is a former US Attorney who successfully prosecuted large numbers of public corruption offenses, and who showed the same financial responsibility as a two-term governor of Massachusetts. In addition, he also stood up for the rights of gays and lesbians when that was still a highly controversial issue.

You may agree or disagree with some of Johnson’s and Weld’s public positions and conclusions, but don’t you want a president and vice president who stand up and act strongly upon their convictions? Unlike the likely Democratic presumptive nominee, there has not been even a hint of scandal in either the public or personal lives of either of our candidates.

In addition, since they were Republican governors in states controlled by Democrats, they had to work with people of different political beliefs. So, unlike the likely Republican presumptive nominee, they are not bullies.

Finally, they are both financially responsible and socially accepting, and believe in liberty. As a result, that makes them the only candidates in the mainstream of American politics today.

In summary, I believe that the libertarians not only have the two strongest candidates that remain in the presidential race, we also have the strongest candidates who have ever been in this race.

In other words, our message to the voters is: “Take heart, help is on the way.”

Do you support the Johnson/Weld ticket? Share your thoughts with us below!

Image credit: Gage Skidmore.

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