Ron Paul: US Not Fighting ISIS in Iraq, Come Home Now

Ron Paul Fallujah Iraq war

May 31, 2016—A third battle for Fallujah, Iraq is now unfolding, and to Dr. Ron Paul, the United States government seems to be out of step with reality. Once again.

During his latest Liberty Report video, Dr. Paus begins by saying that “We’re here today for a special reason. [We] are going to sort out all the factions that are doing the fighting in Syria and Iraq.”

He continues:

“But today especially in Iraq, we have to help our viewers sort this out. But it’s always shifting, but we basically have an idea who’s fighting whom, but it is very complex. Makes no sense. That’s why we can’t say A is fighting B and this is what their beef is. There’s a lot of factions you got to figure out and [today] we want to talk about … the third battle for Fallujah.

You know, you’d think two battles would be enough but maybe they think three is a charm, and maybe this will happen. Of course, a couple of years ago there was a surge and lots of praise and Bush helped organize this, sending a couple extra troops and the surge won and we were still in Washington at the time and a lot of bragging going on, ‘the surge! That’s what we needed all this time!’ But I don’t know how much bragging rights they have earned because we’re still in a big mess.

The big issue today and ongoing right now is the return to a battle to try to take Fallujah away from ISIS.

This is involving a lot of troops, it’s a test of the United States policy of giving, you know, advice to the troops! You know, and training, and whether the Iraqi troops will run and hide, and you know, you can read some articles [that] will say, ‘well, it’s the Iraqi government with trained troops from the US getting ready to invade.’ But then you come across [other articles], which [are] probably closer to the truth that [say] that the militias, the 30,000 or thousands of people who are ready to go in there and look like they are more determined and … they are backed by the Iranians! So there’s a couple of groups that want to get a hit and get rid of ISIS, but just like in Syria, sometimes the allies get mixed up.”

According to Daniel McAdams, who talks to Dr. Paul in this Liberty Report segment about the many factions fighting for Fallujah, the history behind the third battle for the Iraqi city is filled with contradictions.

Check it out:

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