Gov’t Launches Exec. Orders & Sanctions But Finds No Threats

Kim Jong Un

June 1, 2016—About one year ago, President Barack Obama issued an executive order after claiming that the “unusual and extraordinary threat” posed by the “increasing prevalence and severity of malicious cyber-enabled activities” should be handled promptly. But these activities, which date to the late 2014 and early 2015 period, have yet to be confirmed.

According to ZDNet, Obama used the cybersecurity order to launch more sanctions against nations believed to be hosting cyber-criminals. But the US government has yet to produce an real evidence of how effective its directive has been.

Reports obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request from the Treasury Department show that, up until October 1st, the government hadn’t targeted any individual or entity for six whole months since the order had been put in place. Instead, the US government spent $760,000 of the American taxpayer’s money in the process. According to ZDNet, these thousands of dollars were mostly spent on wages and personnel costs.

At the time the Obama administration decided to launch this order, the country had just been inundated with news regarding a cyberattack targeting Sony, which had been linked to hackers from North Korea. The company’s data and network were destroyed in the attack, and private information on executives and Sony personnel was leaked.

Instead of acknowledging the problems with this executive order in its one-year-anniversary statement, the White House simply stated that “significant” cyber-threats “continue to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security.” No details on what kind of threats the administration had in mind when making this statement were revealed.

ZDNet claims that the spokespeople for the White House and Treasury Department failed to respond to requests for comment.

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