The Real History of NATO Hillary Clinton is Trying to Hide

June 2, 2016—Jacob Hornberger, president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, isn’t holding his breath for the Democratic presidential front-runner to speak the truth about NATO and US foreign policy in her upcoming speech.

Hillary Clinton intends to give a major foreign policy speech in San Diego in the run-up to the California primary, in which she plans to extol the virtues of NATO, the old Cold War-era dinosaur that’s causing so much damage to the United States.

Why was NATO brought into existence? To protect Western Europe from a supposed Soviet attack in that part of the world. The Soviet Union, of course, had been America’s partner and ally during the Second World War, and they had suffered some 30 million deaths, their whole country was devastated. And the notion that they wanted to start a whole new war against the West was absolutely ludicrous.

But the Cold War’s over, it ended over 25 years ago. Why didn’t NATO go out of existence then? The Warsaw Pact did. In fact, there’s a sordid story behind it all. You can read it all the details in the second-most emailed op-ed in the LA Times about how the United States double-crossed the Russians, broke their word at the end of the Cold War.

They said that if you dismantle the Warsaw Pact, we’ll dismantle NATO. And Russia complied with the deal, and the US double-crossed them. They not only kept NATO in existence, they began absorbing former Warsaw Pact countries, moving closer and closer to Russia’s borders, where their final plan was gonna be to absorb Ukraine into NATO, where they could take over the Russian military base in Crimea and establish missiles along Russia’s borders. All in all, just creating more crises and more provocations against a country that has nuclear weapons.

None of this is good for the United States. It’s bankrupting us, and it’s making us more insecure. The only thing that it’s accomplishing is bigger budgets for the national security establishment.