Rand Paul Launches Video Ads for Senate, May Skip GOP Convention

June 3, 2016—Senator Rand Paul has released a video highlighting his high-profile speeches since joining the Congress in 2010, to make the case to Kentucky voters that he should be remain there until 2022.

Paul is also a delegate to the Republican National Convention, and although he has committed himself to supporting Donald Trump for president, his staff told The New York Times he may not attend the RNC.

His schedule is “still being firmed up,” a spokesman told the paper, a move that leaves him room to reclaim his independence after vowing to support whoever won the GOP nomination.

The campaign video focuses on seven central campaign issues: the Constitution, gun rights, national defense, pro-life policy, justice, privacy, and the “entire” Bill of Rights.

It does not mention either the Republican or the Democratic Party. Paul’s opponent, Lexington Mayor Jim Gray, pointed out through a spokeswoman that the ad also does not mention the state of Kentucky. Watch the video here: