Bernie Sanders ‘Revolution’: More of the Same

Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, election

June 7, 2016—In this short video, Jacob Hornberger, president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, explains why Bernie Sanders’ idea of a revolution sounds so much like what we have had for the past several decades.

Despite the fact that Hillary Clinton has, for all practical purposes, wrapped up the nomination, Bernie Sanders says he’s going to take his revolution all the way to the Democratic National Convention. But you know, I never really saw anything revolutionary about his platform.

Yeah, he wants to steal money from the rich to the political process, he says this is the way you help the poor. But that’s just a cover. You can tell the way liberals love the poor by the way they treat and abuse illegal aliens. President Obama is the mass deporter in chief! He’s no different from Donald Trump on immigration.

Now, what it really is, is just envy and covetousness. Liberals would be happy if you just took all the money away from the millionaires of America and just burned it. They use the poor as their cover for their envy and covetousness, and Sanders said, you know, [he’d] be a better interventionist. He said he’d be a better manager of the economy! Of course Clinton believes the same thing. She’s gonna put her husband Bill in charge of the imaginative economy and Trump says he’s going to be a good businessman, managing the economy.

Do you want to know what a real revolution would be? A real revolution would be a libertarian revolution in which no government official is permitted to manage the economy. That’s the root cause of all economic problems in America, is that we now live under an economic system where the government manages the economy.

How about separation of economy and the state? The way our founders separated church and state, and the way they separated economy and state as well.

A free enterprise system like the one that once existed in America where people are free to keep everything they earn and he government stays out. People decide for themselves what to do with their own money. That’s a revolution that would bring peace, prosperity, harmony, and morality to our land.

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