Racist Hypocrites Attack Donald Trump From Left & Right

June 8, 2016—In under two minutes, Jacob Hornberger, president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, rips into the hypocritical grandstanding and outrage from Republicans and Democrats responding to Donald Trump’s criticism of the “Mexican” judge presiding over the Trump University case.

Well, Donald Trump is back in hot water — this time over some racist remarks he made about a federal judge who’s ruling against him in the Trump University lawsuit. This has caused Republicans to go into an outrage over his remarks, denouncing them, refusing to endorse him.

The Hillary Clinton crowd is doing the same, attacking him for his racism, but notice the hypocrisy here. All of these people, including Trump, favor the most racist government program since segregation, and that’s the drug war. Maybe it’s even worse than segregation.

Hillary Clinton says she’s concerned about the disparities of the sentences. Really? What’s she going to do to fix them? Uh, increase the jail sentences for whites, so that they match up? That’s not the solution to this racist government program.

And we know it was born in racism. Harper’s Magazine recently had an article where they quoted John Ehrlichman of Watergate fame during the Nixon administration, who declared a war on drugs, that they did it as a cover to go after blacks. They wanted to destroy the civil rights movement, and they used the war on drugs to do it.

And Michelle Alexander has written this great book called The New Jim Crow. She points out that there are more blacks in jail today than there were under slavery in the 19th century.

There’s only one solution to this, and that’s to end this evil, immoral, and racist drug war. If people who are concerned about racism want to prove it, that’s the way to do it.